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A different 150 ml pouch of finest wine every month.

• Recurring payment every month
• Delivered to your door every month
• New wines you won’t find anywhere else
• Trusted by thousands of customers



A different 150 ml pouch of finest wine every month.

• One-time payment of 72 €
• Delivered to your door every month
• New wines you won’t find anywhere else
• Trusted by thousands of customers

Frequently asked questions

All our pouches are filled with award-winning wine. We only pick the very best and we never send the same one twice – and why would we, when there this year alone more than 60 AWARD-WINNING wines in Slovenia.

WINE is sent on the 8th of each month unless the 8th falls on a weekend – when that happens, we ship out on the first Monday after that. Once you’ve subscribed, we’ll keep you updated on the arrival of your next wineby email. The cut-off for new subscriptions is always the last day of the preceding month, so if you order on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th, you’ll wait just a little more than a month foy your first FWD.

We ship using POST.at, so the shipping time is normally 2-5 working days – but delivery times vary a little depending on where you live. We’ll email you a shipping notification when your wine is out for delivery: if your wine hasn’t arrived and it’s been more than 7 working days since you got that email, let us know.

Send your subscription details and the name of the dram you’re waiting on to [email protected] and we’ll get straight on to POST.at to find out what’s happening. But don’t worry: even if the posties have misplaced it, we’ll happily pop a replacement pouch in the post for you.

In the really (really) rare event that your whisky arrives damaged, drop us a line at [email protected] with your subscription details. If you can, send us a picture of the damage – it helps speed things up if we can see what the damage is.

Sign in to your Finewinedays account and click on ‘Manage Subscription’ to cancel your membership. We’ll be sorry to see you go but you’re welcome back anytime.

Sign in to your Finewinedays account and click on ‘Update shipping’ to update your postal or email address. If you’re moving home, remember to let us know before the end of the calendar month when we process all our deliveries – otherwise, your FWD pouch might end up at your old place.

Yes, we ship across all European countries. But watch this space. Better yet, follow us on social and we’ll announce there as soon as we do.

Whether you want to send us feedback, need help with something, or just want to tell us what you think of your latest FWD pouch, you can reach us on our social channels or by emailing [email protected]. Whatever it is, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

We’ve made the whole process of discovering new wines as easy as possible. You just need to sign up for either a monthly or annual subscription, we’ll send you a confirmation email and that’s it: your FineWineDays adventure is underway

Yes. We will send you an email when your subscription is close to ending and you will be able to re-subscribe using the same details which will ensure that your account keeps a log of all your past wines.

From our gift page, choose the number of months that you’d like the subscription to run for, then add the subscription to your basket. Once you’ve checked out and paid, we’ll send you an email that you can share with the lucky recipient. They will start receiving monthly a glass of award-winning wine through their letterbox almost immediately (so expect a big thank you from them sooner rather than later).

Yes. Choose a type of subscription duration then check out using their details. The email address you provide will be where we send your order confirmation and monthly shipment emails. We recommend using your own email address and their physical address. 

Absolutely not. We have tested our pouches and found it to be as fresh as the day it was bottled

Chances are your local authority wont collect your pouches (yet) but there are a growing number of recycling services where you can drop them off.

Special member discount and there will some more in the near future…

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