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Slovenian wine-growing regions rank among the World’s top in terms of quality. Due to differences in habitat, climate, and cellaring methods, each wine region has its selection of varieties.

Slovenia is in the very center of the European wine-growing zone. The wine-growing zone of ideal locations is shared by Slovenian wine-growing countries with areas such as Burgundy in France. In Slovenia are growing 52 species of vines!

Slovenian wine

Claiming 4 Gold in the Decanter 2012 wine awards, amongst others; Slovenia remains ‘the leading force in the region’. Home to the world’s oldest grape vine, wine making in Slovenia existed long before the Romans introduced winemaking to France, Germany and Spain; since the time of the Celts and Illyrian tribes.

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Slovene Wine regions

Slovenia is a small European country with a long history of wine production. This is not surprising given its (borderline) Mediterranean location between the northern latitudes of 45 and 47 degrees, latitudes shared by Bordeaux, Burgundy and northern Rhone. The country is also bordered by four of Europe’s most long-established wine producing nations; Croatia to the south, Hungary to the east, Austria to the north and Italy to the west.

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