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We believe everyone should have an access to great wine

Our vision and approach are to be a collaborative Slovenian wine brand working with decanter award-winning boutique winemakers across the land of the oldest vine in the world – Slovenia.

In our FWD store, you will not find anything mass-produced. The details are in the passion and the people. We want to take you through their daily life, show you what type of music are they into and how they spend a day off.

We are forwarding you only the best wine from Slovenia at a better price as in the bar or restaurant.

Why Slovenian


Slovenian wine-growing regions rank among the World’s top in terms of quality. Due to differences in habitat, climate, and cellaring methods, each wine region has its selection of varieties.

Slovenia is in the very center of the European wine-growing zone. The wine-growing zone of ideal locations is shared by Slovenian wine-growing countries with areas such as Burgundy in France. In Slovenia are growing 52 species of vines!


Wine production in Slovenia is becoming a unique art. More and more boutique winegrowers invest all their energy in their wines and some are rewarded with prizes both in Slovenia and worldwide.

Thus, at this year’s Decanter World Wine Awards, which is considered to be the largest and most influential wine evaluation in the world, they achieved record results.


The pouch is beautiful and sustainable

The most amazing thing about our pouch is that non-degradability is actually a good thing. Our pouches create nominal waste, consume limited energy and water, and cause very little pollution.

Weigh less, pack smaller

They weigh less, pack smaller, never need bubble wrapping, and always fit through your letterbox – which is more convenient for you than a trip to the collection office.

Require less water and produce less CO2

Glass bottles produce more CO2 to make and ship. They need extra packaging like bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking. The Pouch is 20x thinner than a glass bottle and require less water and greenhouse gas.

Recyclable materials

If we used bottles, we’d be raising our carbon footprint right at a time when we should be doing the opposite. The Pouch cap and nozzle are recyclable as household plastic. The pouch itself is made of PET and that’s recyclable too, through specialist services.

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